collamat collamat

POur experience of producing labelling machines goes way back. We launched our first products in 1958. We focused on the Swiss market with a strategy of „Swiss quality for the Swiss market“.
And the market quickly developed. The expansion of product labelling and later introduction of bar codes meant that the need for labelling solutions grew. What‘s more, it grew within every type of sector - even though different solutions were required. We have been able to develop those solutions, which means that a wide range of industry sectors buy their labelling solutions from Collamat.

cpc cpc

Tubing Connectors, Couplings and Fluid Handling Solutions to Meet Your Needs Colder Products Company (CPC) is the leading provider of quick disconnect couplings, fittings and tube connectors for life sciences, specialty industrial and chemical handling markets. Used in a broad range of applications, innovative connection technologies from Colder allow flexible tubing to be quickly and safely connected and disconnected. CPC makes people’s lives better by developing innovative high quality products that make fluid handling safe and easy.

DPSS Lasers Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high power, short wavelength, solid state lasers. Superior reliability, unparalleled performance and world-class customer care are key elements in our continued success. DPSS offers low-cost lasers and system solutions to a wide variety of industrial, scientific and research applications. DPSS Lasers was originally established as a DPSS Laser group within LiCONiX. We began operating as a separate, privately held company in September 1998 with an accomplished team of engineers, scientists and a field-proven, high power DPSS laser already in production. Our Series 3500 model was the first UV laser on the market to achieve powers over 3 Watts. It has already won several industry awards for innovation and DPSS has firmly established ourselves as the world's leading supplier of quasi-cw 355 nm solid state lasers.

fuso gosecurity

Check what is going on at any time. Control all data on-line and in real time be able to call it up decoded from our secured internet server (Cloud). Even data measured a few days or weeks before. And to be able to count on immediate notification anytime per SMS should anything go wrong.
The GO Systemelektronik solutions are that reliable.

kanomax kanomax

Since our beginning eighty years ago, with the founding of Kano Laboratories, Kanomax has been the market leader in the development of fine measuring instruments including our fluid mechanics, environmental, aerosol, particles and customized system products.

kramer kramer

Krämer is the leading specialist in the field of dedusting applications, and we have pioneered and set trends since the invention of the first tablet dedusters more than thirty years ago. Over 5000 Krämer dedusters ensure a smooth operation daily at the sites of hundreds of pharmaceutical companies, ranging from multinationals to small local manufacturers of tablets and capsules. Our customers appreciate the quality and reliability of our equipment.Our solutions offer superior performance and low costs over the whole product life-cycle.Our worldwide network with more than forty representatives allows us to maintain close ties with all users, resulting in optimum service and support.

leisurecat leisurecat

Well, despite all the dramatic spins put on this story by various journalists, the actual story is quite simple. In May last year, the LeisureCat 8000 Sportsfisher, “an Xtreme Crowd”, with Stephen Knight and a friend aboard, left Exmouth, Western Australia, for a fun fishing trip. Caught out in a sudden and violent storm, the crew decided to anchor in the lee of an island and, after setting the anchor, swam ashore to wait out the storm.

odsecurity odsecurity

ODSecurity is founded in 1960 as a subsidiary of the famous company Old Delft, for the development and manufacturing of Thorax scanning based on x-ray. As one of the first Dutch companies who specialized in x-ray application ODSecurity developed the Odelca. The first machine that was used for population screening to detect tuberculosis.

kba kba

Our company, including both the production facilities and administrative buildings, are located in Hausham in Upper Bavaria, Germany just 50 km south of Munich. With qualified employees, we offer a comprehensive range of special printing solutions customised to fit your individual needs.

zone zone

Zone Advanced Protection Systems is a developer of leading edge, IP based, high security software’s, as well as being a distributor of mission critical electronic security and surveillance solutions from some of the world’s leading manufacturers.
Our product supply partners include, many of the worlds leading manufacturers of electronic security products including FLIR, MOOG and VideoIQ and in addition to Storage Solutions from renowned Pivot3. With customer satisfaction underpinning everything we do, we offer a number of value added services.